Full Moon in Aries: Elegant Anger and Other Revolutionary States

There’s a astrological power play between Venusian and Martial states building this week.

We might be tempted to instinctively lay our allegiances with one side, but the invitation is laid out for us to align ourselves with both qualities more vigorously and intentionally than we might have been choosing to recently.

The Sun, Mercury and Jupiter travel through Libra – perhaps the most dignified style in the zodiac. And qualities of grace, tact and idealism hold a measure of reverence with this emphasis.

The previous New Moon was coloured by Libra’s harmonising influence. A sense of possibility regarding the beautification of experience was activated and we were encouraged to set loving and elegant intentions for ourselves.

Now the Moon moves this week to Mars-ruled Aries, conjoining awakener Uranus as we reach the Full Moon on the weekend. And an enlightening of our instinctual responses is available.

Meanwhile Mars grinds forward unimpeded to meet transformer Pluto in Capricorn.

Uncomfortable truths continue to be revealed and power is unleashed that has been buried deep within the established hierarchies of self and wider systems.

Mars and Pluto, as well as Uranus-Moon in Aries can provoke warlike responses to our insights – both emotional and intellectual.

We’re revving up and entering the red zone.

And a gear shift is certainly what’s required, but you have to try not to pull out of that corner too soon lest you miss a crucial opportunity to pick up some serious momentum.

(Better that than a car crash)

Can we remember to reach for Libran decorum while the agitation and aggravation is ever more powerfully triggered within us?

If anger, rage or frustration are the dances you find yourself looking to find your groove with, then perhaps part of the answer is allowing permission for all of it to be part of the diplomatic response. 

Anger can be elegant, and resistance is exhausting.  

If it’s feeling a keen sense of injustice and upset and idealistic disenchantment at the state of the world and finding your enemy in those who have opposing viewpoints – it’s high time to dig deep for some empathy.

Persistence pays off.

Like I said – it’s a power play this week. And while Mars is strong and has a lot of pulling power, Venus has her hand in, too, with all that Libra.

And we should try and tap into the strengths of each force.

Just like always, the level of consciousness of the alchemist determines the process and results of your experience and experiments.

This week if you resolve to bring the greatest sense of artistry you can to your challenges, then you have a much better chance of witnessing and participating in the wondrous beauty of your transformation.

To revolutionise your own, as well as the collective, emotional territory.

Rather than play victim or martyr to the terror that growth often triggers.




Jupiter Mercury Transmission (my first Periscope ‘scope)

The Jupiter and Mercury conjunction is working its magick on me today. And the manifestation is partly within this periscope video – which I have saved and uploaded for you to enjoy.

Now that I’ve popped my periscope cherry, I think I might just have to do this more often.

Excuse the video quality – I do hope the message makes up for it!

A better look at the altar space..

Jupiter Mercury

Music by Alio Die & Matthias Grassow

Card from the Journey of Love Oracle Deck.


Tarot Certification? For the right reasons – a very tentative maybe.

When you choose to study and practice a methodology such as tarot or astrology you’ll likely realise soon enough that there are actually quite a few systems and programs out there that provide structured courses of study. Some even claiming to offer full astrology or tarot certification.

When I say ‘course’, I’m also including some well-considered books, too – but I’m currently thinking more about actual training programs. Particularly those that are offered mainly (but not necessarily exclusively) online.

And especially those that offer to give you some kind of gold seal of approval. A.k.a: Certification.

OK, so I do think that these courses can be useful for some people in some situations.

Like I say, they provide a structure to your learning and (if they are good) can give you a robust foundation of understanding. Some are rigorous enough that they can bring you to a certain professional standard – but the best ones will take a significant amount of investment from you in the process.

That investment being your time and a lot of your money too.

I’m talking hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars here. (Just like any traditional education program I guess!)

For some people, this isn’t anything to worry about.

And perhaps the Saturnine – that is the structured and legitimised – approach is really appealing.

There are certainly some schools, teachers and programs that I would love to be involved with had I the disposable income.

But one thing that never is an attracting factor for me though, is certification. And part of that is my point about Saturn.

The thing about divination – in my opinion – is that it is something that in large part doesn’t belong in the realm of Saturn. It’s much more nebulous, transcendent and radical than that.  

Antero Alli wrote – likely much more coherently than I am – on this exact subject some time ago, implying that a yearning for legitimacy in these ‘oracular’ fields was akin to a desire to fix our daddy issues.

Or something along those lines.

And with tongue in cheek, I find myself agreeing with that sentiment.

It’s not just because I’m trying to maintain my image as a radical and fringey and fighting against legitimacy for the occult at all costs. (Although – full disclosure – Aquarius Moon right here.)

I have actually attempted a course of certified study myself – but pulled out because of the code of ethics that I was obligated to sign before they would colour me legitimised.

Rules to be policed by or I’d lose my ‘endorsement’.

I don’t think so.

The Aquarian rebel within me was not having it.

This wasn’t a cheap course either. Another sticking point for me that I’ve touched on already – that the money demanded to join these clubs can be significant.

Perhaps most irksome for me is the dangled carrot of credibility that ultimately never seems to matter for anyone outside the industry. And leads to sour grapes for some (me) within it.

I’m echoing and expanding on a series of tweets I made about this early today. Where I mentioned that it’s difficult for me to see certification as a radical or enticing idea.

I grant that there are some organisations that do create programs that will provide a robust education and if you choose to part with your money to take part and receive that education and deepen your personal journey with your chosen tool, I wouldn’t judge you.   

Just please don’t pay to join some kind of exclusive club that none of your clients (the people who really matter) either know about, care about and I can safely bet will never ask you about.

For me… well until I can afford to take Adam Sommer‘s or Austin Coppock’s astrology classes I’ll likely just be sticking to my freewheeling bookish approach.

What about you? Ever considered (or undertaken) a course of certification for tarot, astrology or something similar? Was it worth it? Why or why not? Any books or alternative methods of learning you’d recommend?