Mercury Direct Virgo

Mercury Direct In Virgo, Personal Changes And A Simple (But Key) Modus Operandi Adaptation.

It’s been a bit quiet on the Wild Grace front. It’s actually more like life as a whole has been quite topsy-turvy for the last 2 months as we’ve relocated from Italy to a quaint wee town in Northern England.

And, you know. Mercury retrogrades and all that.

I’ve been toying around with ideas for how to put myself out there more in real life now that we’re in English speaking territory. And luckily this area has an alternative buzz about it – thanks to things like the proximity of incredible natural beauty and a nearby Buddhist temple.

So I think that my approach to tarot etc could go down well.

But at the same time I still want to be putting energy into the online world as well. It’s been experimental for me so far – and is likely to be for a while to come.

A few major changes that I’m planning on implementing:

  • No more written readings. I want my writing energy to be spent on writing better blog posts, having a good newsletter and working on other projects. Unfortunately the energy it requires to put together written readings is too much based on what I’ve been charging.
  • Extended audio readings – since I’m finding myself with more and more to say!
  • And last but not least – readings over Skype. I’ve had a few people request this so I’m happy that I can begin to offer this very soon.

Apart from that, everything will continue to be tweaked and we’ll just have to see what happens. I mean, it is Mercury retrograde still as of writing this and I know a little better than to be announcing every intention with that in play!

Speaking of which….

Mercury goes direct this week after slowing down to stand at its station, in Virgo, on the North Node. It also will oppose Neptune, and trine Pluto.

While meditating on this configuration the words “Modus Operandi” came through very strongly. And I guess that’s part of why I’m examining the way I’m running the blog with a bit of a fine tooth comb. 

Virgo is about the everyday detail. The ritual and the routine. I feel like this is the right time to be implementing a critical change. It doesn’t have to be a big dramatic statement. It can be the way you take your tea.

Small actions taken now, make for big consequences later.

We also need to be mindful of not being too attached to any intended outcomes right now. Results arrive in any case and with Neptune in play, it’s likely we won’t be seeing clearly anyway. And if we are heavily invested in success, then suffering is almost guaranteed.

I’m not really thinking that much about long term success right now. At the moment I’m more about what’s sustainable.

We can learn a lot simply by focusing on the process of whatever it is that we’re doing. It is the carrier of subtle messages.  

I really feel that although I’m writing this in a bit of a la-di-da Mercury-Neptune way, the importance of what I’m talking about can’t really be over-emphasized.

The North Node’s involvement says that although we might not realise it now (thanks to Neptune’s nebulous influence) we have an opportunity to foster our own evolution and level up our entire magickal approach.

It’s a good time to get the microscope out on your life and make just one key change. 

A One Card Mercury Direct Tarot Spread

Pull the Magician (Mercury’s card) out of the deck and spend some time in contemplation with the image.

What is the simplest change I can make right now that will create the most profound and positive change in my life?

Mercury Direct

I received the Queen of Wands. Being courageous in my approach is critical. Unfortunately I’ve been feeling a distinct lack of passion in my creative life in the last few weeks. So being brave and putting myself out there will allow my creative fire be re-kindled.

I’d love to know what card you get if you do this for yourself. Let me know which one, and you’re take on it, and I’ll give you a quick read on what I think that this might mean for you too.

Happy Mercury direct!

An Interview: My Response To “10 Questions Every Tarot Reader Must Answer”

This post was shared on Twitter yesterday and I thought that it contained quite a few juicy questions that were worth answering. I’d love to read other people’s answers to this as well! 

Find the original post here. And thanks to James Bulls for publishing it.

Here we go…

1.Were you mentored, or were you self-taught?

I’ve never received any direct mentoring for tarot reading. I did attend astrology classes for a couple of years as well as have a handful of great spiritual teachers/gurus who guided me in other ways within various other traditions – which has all been transferable knowledge.

I guess I’d have to call myself basically self-taught when it comes to the tarot though. I’ve picked up a lot of what I know from a few good books, a few good websites, the online community, the cards themselves and also from trying to pay close attention during the readings that I’ve had from other people over the last decade.


2. Are you a psychic or a Tarot reader?

I see my style of working as a blend of the technical and intuitive, and believe that the tools that I use are providing the data, rather than me picking it up from some mysterious channel. It’s overused now but I do see myself as intuitive rather than psychic, and I would always correct someone if they decided to name me as having any kind of psychic gift.

Personally I don’t think people with true psychic gifts need props/tools to access that ability, but that’s just my opinion.


3. Are your predictions accurate, and is accuracy important to you?

I don’t make hard and fast “real world” predictions, but I do think the nature of the tools that I use are symbolically predictive and that it can reflect past as well as future trends.

When I make my “predictions”, I’m often describing things in terms of analogy. As in describing a type of experience rather than an explicit occurrence.

People are sometimes floored by how I have pinpointed an event that has recently happened and assume I’m psychically tuning into their life. But I honestly see it as simply presenting an example of what I’m witnessing through the astrology/tarot/I Ching or whatever.

I’m observing the symbols (through the medium of the tool) and translating them into other symbols (words) to describe the context of what’s happening.

If something I say happens to be bulls-eye accurate, then that’s great and not something that necessarily surprises me. It demonstrates how well the tools can work.

But to be honest being ‘right’ can actually work against me in some cases. Because if I happen to say something that is super accurate straight away, then it can create certain expectations within a client.

In general, I consider poetic resonance to be more important.  


4. Is there anything you can’t predict in a reading?

Like I’ve already implied, I’m not the reader to come to if you want a hard and fast fortune teller style prediction about real world events. Eg. missing persons, stock markets or when you’ll die.  

To be frank, in many instances I feel like I could probably have some success with these kinds of readings or at least determine how likely something might be to happen or a more opportune moment to undertake something might be.

And I do think there are some people out there who can do this kind of work, it’s just not my preference.


5. Do you use only Tarot, or are you multi-disciplinary?

Yes I am multi-disciplinary, but it depends on the type of reading.

If it’s a short recorded reading then I’ll often do straight tarot, but I really do prefer to incorporate astrology as the combination of the tools provides me with the most profound insight into an individual’s particular context.


6. Is the message in the cards, or in your head?

This is a great question.

I consider the cards (and other divination systems) to contain the raw data and the potentials of answers, but that it needs artful interpretation to become relevant.

I see the job of the reader as being to bring their own wisdom to the table as part of the reading.

By this I mean their own perspectives, their knowledge of the cards, and their general life experience and philosophies.

Otherwise there wouldn’t be any point in getting a reading from a particular person.

You could just throw the cards yourself or cast the chart and navigate through the meanings yourself and draw your own conclusions. (Which is totally fine.)

The cards have depth – every single one has layers of meaning.

The planets and signs and houses and aspects have layers of meaning.

But the job of the reader is to bring it all together into some kind of coherent message for the individual that they are reading for. To make it relevant and to provide some solid advice to help them on their path.

This next bit is tangential, and flies in the face of how we’re generally educated – but I also don’t believe that having a biased perspective is always a bad thing. I do however believe that knowing your biases is crucial..

Anyone who says that they are not bringing themselves and their philosophies to the table is either lying or kidding themselves.

So if you’re serious about getting a reading from someone then it’s important that you find someone whose value system is resonant with your own (beyond unicorn imagery).


7. Are you a priest or a fortune-teller?

I guess if I had to choose I’d go with priest(ess). In the notes about this question, the writer also uses other terms including “divine mediator” – which is probably my favourite.  


8. Are you a fixer or a looker?

The way that my readings work is that I will “look” to determine the context of the situation for the person, describe it and then provide some advice based on that context. So it’s a blend.

I’m often asked explicitly for advice and the spreads that I currently use all have advice cards as part of the design.


9. Do you read for free, or for fee?

I provide free general astro-tarot readings on social media, but I charge for personal readings. You can visit my shop here.


10. Is there anything you won’t predict in a reading?

In addition to how I’ve described my approach to readings above, I will not directly discuss legal or medical matters (including pregnancy). I also do not read for third parties (by which I mean, reading your lover’s horoscope or determining if they are cheating on you, etc).

I really enjoyed answering these questions and hope you found them insightful too. If you are curious about the services that I offer, please visit my online shop.

And if you’re a reader, then maybe you’d like to take up the challenge of answering these questions yourself! You can find the original post here.

Maybe my next interview will be with someone other than myself! 😉



Shadow Work

Shadow Work, Astrology and the Cosmic Keys to Expanded Self-Awareness

Shadow Work and Astrology.

Two subjects I’m absolutely passionate about that form the basis of this blog and my own personal practice.

This podcast has been a long time coming, and is not at all likely to be my final word on the subject!

I talk about the shadow and different approaches for working with it. About Jung and dreams and divination. About astrology and what it can offer the shadow worker.

And I talk about what astrology has done for me on my own unfolding journey.