Tarot Spreads

Here you’ll find an archive of tarot spreads that I’ve created. These spreads were all designed to unlock deeper insights in a variety of ways. Some are highly inspired by the astrological weather of the moment, but they are designed to be cast in any time of need.

Almost all of them are shadow work tarot spreads. I hope that you’ll find something useful for yourself among them 🙂

(If you try one – please feel free to share it and tag me on Instagram! @stateofwildgrace)

BPG Three Planes-01

This three planes spread provides an overview of 3 different planes of situational experience. 3 rows of 3 cards each create 3 statements.

Chain Breaker

The significator in this shadow work tarot spread focuses our energy on addressing negative habits that keep us trapped in disempowering circumstances.

Ancestral Gifts

In this Ancestral Gifts spread the Empress and Emperor are significators for the family lines; 6 cards are for The Lovers (communication and integration).

Relationship Tarot Spread

This relationship tarot spread is about surrendering low vibe perspectives & taking actions that are in resonance with your relationship’s highest purpose.

BPG Wise Wound-01

This wise wound spread isn’t just for those of us who menstruate! You can use this spread to tap into the personal lessons of the current moon cycle.

Super Powers Tarot

This spread gives you a chance to practice free association and also encourages you to move past any resistance that blocks you seeing yourself in a positive light.

Yin Yang Tarot Spread

The Magician is said to embody Yang energy. The High Priestess can be said to embody Yin energy. Let’s play with a spread to connect to these principles.

Insight Tarot Spread

If you’re feeling compelled to make a move but there’s an uncertain vibe in the air, then this can be a useful quick spread to play with.

BPG Janus Spread-01

This is a good quick daily draw spread that works very well for regular daily journalling in the early morning or last thing at night.


A sweet and petite Christmas Spirit spread designed to invoke some good cheer!


Designed to help you use the Force – whatever the hell it is – for good!