“So much of that resonated. You really hit the nail on the head… You have a clarity about your readings that I think people will resonate with.”
JJ. (Canada)

“Nikki is one of my favourite readers to check in with when I need someone else to read my cards. She’s super talented and incredibly knowledgable. I love how she combines tarot and astrology and her audio readings feel like a phone chat with your bestie. Love her lots!”
VM. (UK)

“Nikki is a gifted intuitive reader and astrologer. Her detailed readings provide valuable insight and confirmation to the answers you seek. I’ve been fortunate enough to have received both a written and audio reading from Nikki. Both were clear, concise, informative, and accurate. I would gladly recommend her to anyone looking for guidance. Whether you’re new to divinatory readings or a seasoned professional yourself, Nikki will impress you with the services she has to offer.”

“Sometimes you need someone to see the parts of you that are obscured. Nikki “got” me at a very deep level that few others ever have. There was no judgment on her end, just loving support. She pulled the disparate elements of my [astrological] chart into a frame of my whole life. The oracle card she picked was perfect, and I’m still pondering her reading and its deep, perceptive wisdom days later.”

“The reading is so accurate it’s like you know me! Everything in the reading was so spot on, especially with regards to my horoscope. It has definitely given me confidence to take more risks in my life, knowing that it’s okay if things don’t go exactly how I planned. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who wants a reading, and I would love to have another reading from you! “
BC.  (UK)

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“Within the first few sentences I knew this reading was very specific to me and was surprised at how relevant it is to how I currently feel. I really liked how you described the cards that came up, what that means as part of the reading and what they mean together. I really identified with the interpretations of the cards and as the reading went on I felt more connected to my own intuition about situations. I also really liked the astrology aspects and how you explained them in an understandable way.  Your passion and knowledge really came across. I found the whole reading really interesting and informative…. Everything was framed in an empowering and positive way. The guidance received has given me things to keep in mind and will help me to make decisions in the upcoming period of change.”
KL. (UK)

“I have to tell you, I absolutely love your voice! It’s very calm and so soothing to listen to, hah so much so that I kept wanting to look up and talk to you because it felt like you were there with me as I listened to the reading…. It *all* resonated… You are very knowledgeable about the cards/astrology and I could tell that (besides from following you on instagram/fb) from the confidence in your voice as you did the reading. You also made me feel very comfortable, like talking with an old friend.

“Thank you for the reading Nikki! There is so much to think about and connect to in your reading.I appreciate it greatly!”
BK. (Canada)

“I am very happy with how it turned out… As an overall feedback, you were very on point and your reading resonated a lot with me. Also the fact that is a reading combined with astrology is a great thing and not every one does that.”
DV. (Costa Rica)

You worded your reading beautifully and gently, at no point did I feel offended or defensive from the advice the cards gave me, your delivery was lovely. Intertwining the astrology into the reading as well just gave me extra clarification as I personally feel our astrological birth charts play a big part in who we are… Can I just add that your voice is so soothing for this Aussie to listen to, and the format of recorded reading along with a photo is fantastic for me as one on one skype or face to face readings I find too confronting for my introvert nature. I really can’t thank you enough, Nikki.  “
NP. (Australia)

There is not enough words on this earth for me to tell you how thankful I am at this moment for your enlightenment… This rekindled my will to keep fighting on, reach my happy ending, end the war. It takes time but thank you so much this means alot to me. “

I felt your reading was spot on in it’s representation of my feelings and situation, I resonated strongly with the narrative. I felt the introduction and wrap up to the reading was well done, the reading progressed very smoothly and was easy to follow. I very much enjoyed it and would absolutely recommend you to friends or family.”


“I asked for a reading from Nikki after I had received some news from home that I was struggling to deal with. I found that the reading resonated with me in a big way and helped me look at things from a different angle and deal with things in a better or healthier way. Thank you Nikki.”
RC. (UK)

Thank so much for taking the time to do a tarot reading for me. You are so on point!!!”

“I really enjoyed the connection you made between tarot and astrology. Your understanding of the celestial sphere didn’t dominate the reading; I found it to be perfectly tempered in terms of the way that it worked to enrich the reading rather than detract from it….  I felt empowered and emboldened by the conclusion of the reading, so you did a really good job at holding space for me and considering my unique profile and concerns.”

This is such a beautiful reading and I can’t begin to express how helpful and validating it was. You have an incredible way with words, you brought me to tears!”

“…your reading was a blessing and it couldn’t have come at a better time.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for the reading. Your voice is wonderful, the sound was great, I never had any issues hearing you. The reading was on point! It is exactly what is going on with me and I was reassured that the cards picked up on my concerns about new ventures. It was just what I needed to hear! You are a wonderful reader. “

“Thank you so much for the reading – it really resonated with me. I find it comforting when a reading confirms what you probably already know, even if you keep that knowledge somewhere very deep and hidden. So much validation – even if it’s tough.
AH. (UK)

“It’s been amazing reading that reading. What you said is so relevant to my life right now and I will definitely be keeping the advice in mind. Thank you so much! … This was the first reading I have had done, and I am very happy with the results.”

MM. (Australia)

“Akin to top psychological horoscopes I’ve purchased online, the benefit of this analysis was how straight to the point it was… A high level of expertise and compassion gave me the answers to questions that have been polarising me for years and with incredible succinctness. Exactly what I was looking for!”

TM. (New Zealand)

“Nikki did a tarot/astrology reading for me at a time in my life when I was really wondering “what next?”. I had some inklings about my path, but felt really unsure. Not only did Nikki’s reading affirm the nudge I felt from my higher self, she gave me some specific guidance into what would be most valuable moving forward. Her reading felt very specific to me and my particular current goals and challenges. Nikki is a thoughtful and dedicated reader; her guidance has truly been a gift to me.”

SH. (Canada)