Bang for Buck

bang for buck

Need some powerful guidance on a budget?  

My interpretations are derived from a blend of intuition, astrological technique and a customised tarot spread. This reading will consider your question; outline the developmental lessons you need to integrate at this time in your life; and offer actionable advice for how best to move forward with it all.

What you get:

You’ll receive a 10-15 minute recording of your reading delivered via e-mail. I’ll also send you a picture of the tarot spread so you can follow along. I’ll provide an outline of your situation, a suggested course of action and some possible outcomes.

Price: £12

Audio readings are delivered within 3-5 days. 

Please note: As I’ve received a few emails about this, I thought I should clarify: You do not require a Paypal account in order to pay through Paypal. They provide an option to checkout without an account and you’ll be prompted to pay through their checkout with your credit/debit card. Click the Buy Now button and look to the bottom left hand corner for this option :).

Other info…

You will get the most out of your reading if you are open with me about your current situation. (But I can do “general” readings if you prefer.)

For all readings, please provide your birth details (date, location and most accurate time known).

After payment you’ll be taken to a form where you can submit your question and enter your birth info.

Payment is secure through Paypal and all readings are entirely confidential.

How To Frame a Question

Please consider what you want to understand about a situation so you can frame your query effectively.

I don’t usually answer specifically predictive yes-no questions. (Such as “Will I get the job?” or “Will she leave me?”).

Open questions are best. They allow me much more space to mine out meaningful advice from the cards and stars. Which I genuinely feel is a much more empowering approach.

Therefore, questions starting with What, Why and How are usually much better than When or Will. 

(If you’re confused – please feel free to e-mail me and I can help you out.)

General Policies

Due to the nature of the divinatory systems that I use, there can be a technically predictive element to my interpretations.

But I do not claim to be psychic and I will generally not answer questions seeking the black and white prediction of a specific outcome. (Hence not being super keen on yes-no questions.)

My readings are YOU centered. That means I don’t do things like read cards to find out things about other people.

Please note that I do not answer questions regarding legal or medical issues (including current pregnancies or future potential babies).

I’m not a psychic medium and do not contact departed souls.

Due to the mature nature of my readings, I do not read for people under 16.

All readings are entirely confidential.

If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.

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