Zodiac Signs


Welcome. This article is an introduction to a series of articles on the Zodiac, written with tarot readers in mind. Here I describe the goal of this series and articulate my approach to teaching the zodiac. I am proud of this series and I hope that you get some benefit from it. Enjoy!

Welcome to this series of teachings on the zodiac signs.


I decided to write this series on zodiac signs because I’m a total cheerleader for divination tools such as astrology and tarot. And ultimately I want nothing more than for more people to be using them in their own lives.

These tools have been so amazing for me in my own journey of self-development and search for meaning.

One thing that I love about tarot is its accessibility. It’s visual and intuitive and if you want to you can read an image straight away without having to learn any of the traditional meanings at all.

Astrology doesn’t give up her goods quite so easy.

There is definitely a place for intuition, but you do have to take the time to learn and use her language to get to know her more intimately. That’s if you want to get more out of the relationship than a cookbook definition you find online.

Not like that’s a bad way to learn at all. I’m just saying that a more committed exploration is totally worth it, and in my opinion that’s where the real gold is waiting to be worked with.

The time and attention you spend is so well invested because it’s not only helping you to understand yourself and your purpose, but it can radically re-enchant your concept of reality entirely.

I don’t want to intimidate you though. It’s important to remember that what we’re talking about here is a map.

A lens.

Exploring astrology doesn’t mean you have to suddenly start dogmatically believing in anything, ok? You can just dip your toes in.

I’m even here to hold your hand. So it’s all g :).

The goal of this series

So chances are you already know a bit about your own horoscope. Or at the very least you know your sun sign, right?

It’s free and easy to get hold of your own birth chart these days. And there are craploads of websites out there dedicated to providing definitions, so it doesn’t take much to start figuring out what it means for yourself.

There is a LOT of information within any given chart.

It takes commitment to wade through it all and try to bridge all the things together. You can kind of get lost in the details of it and potentially miss out on some of the subtler lessons if you’re not careful…

I have a strong Sagittarian streak so I’m a fan of the bigger vision. And I think that it’s important to get some of those overarching fundamentals down, so you can dive into your own chart (or just read your own horoscope!) with that enriched perspective.

The goal of this series is to help you to connect with all 12 signs and for you to see how they’re all relevant to the human experience.

You might not feel super connected to some of them. But that’s ok.

Just like how certain tarot cards can show us our blind spots, this can help to point the way to where some of your key developmental lessons might be.

So it might be worth paying attention even (or maybe especially) if you don’t want to!

How I don’t teach the zodiac signs 

There are a few different ways that I could teach the zodiac because there are different things that make up the style and meaning of each sign.

There are the elements – Fire (Creativity), Water (Emotion), Earth (Physical) and Air (Intellect).

Which are just like the suits in tarot so that’s handy.

Then there are the modes – Cardinal (Initiating), Fixed (Concentrating) and Mutable (Circulating).

This is basically talking about how the element moves. Cardinal energy is like fresh Ace energy – full of raw potential. Fixed energy is totally itself and often doesn’t want to go anywhere. Mutable energy is moving around, changeable and ready to adapt.

And then also each sign has 1 or 2 planets which rule over that domain. Each planet represents a different personal or transpersonal force that we experience directly. For example Mercury is the force of communication.

Lots of information already I know! Eek.

No fear. Let me give you a quick example:

Gemini is a Mutable Air sign ruled by Mercury.

So, the style of Gemini is: the aspect of our consciousness that is the circulation of intellectual energy (Air/Swords) and is connected with force of communication (Mercury).

This myriad of meanings usually culminates in Gemini being given the label “chatty”.

As you’ll learn, this is actually a very Gemini way of learning astrology – by giving you a lot of data to figure out! But like I said, I have that “big picture” Sagittarian streak in me.

So, for this course I’m NOT going to teach it like I just did! 🙂 Because that can get boring and overwhelming kinda quick.

That raw info is handy though and good to know eventually, so I’m giving you a cheat sheet for reference. It also includes information as to which Major Arcana tarot card each sign is associated with. 

Click here to access the tarot/astrology association cheat sheet. Save it somewhere you can get to it easily :).

“Everything is known through its opposite” – Dane Rudhyar.

I’m going to come at the zodiac from a different angle.

I want to talk about the signs in terms of opposition and reconciliation.

Each lesson in this series will explore a pair of zodiac signs. I’ll describe the two contrasting styles of consciousness, show you what they look like in everyday life and demonstrate how they seek wholeness through union.

It’s a yin-yang kinda thing.

We’ll be using tarot to help solidify the lessons and I’ll give you some examples in popular culture that will show you how clearly the zodiac signs can manifest.

Here is something you can do in the meantime to help set the mood:

You can see the theme of opposition being playing out a lot in the tarot. I want you to go through your deck and find the cards that suggest this concept. A nice example would be the 2 of cups. There are probably others that come to mind straight away without looking!

Have a flick through. Are there any that seem particularly poignant or interesting to you?

Ok, ok.

Pre-amble and thought experiments out of the way. Enjoy!