Gemini and Sagittarius


Welcome. This is part of a series of articles on the Zodiac, written with tarot readers in mind. (I’ve also created a handy reference chart here to show the associations between the zodiac signs and the Major Arcana, which you can get here.)

In this article we’re exploring the astrological pairing of Gemini and Sagittarius…

We’ve now touched on each of the four elements and by association the four suits of the tarot. Aries (Fire/Wands), Libra (Air/Swords), Taurus (Earth/Pentacles) and Scorpio (Water/Cups).
So far we’ve talked about identity, relationship, physical manifestation and psycho-emotional transformation.
Today we’re taking it back to Air and Fire and looking at some different ways of thinking. About communication, truth and the quest for understanding…


Gemini and Sagittarius

It’s time to revisit Gemini :).

With this style we’re looking directly at the intellect, how we communicate and process information.

Gemini is Mercury ruled. In everyday English the word ‘mercurial’ has a number of different meanings.

It can mean eloquence.

Or to have a fickle, changeable mood.

To be whimsical, excitable, witty or fast.

It does not mean to be fixed or predictable or to take your time doing things!

This sign is about how we get from A to B, intellectually speaking. It’s language as a kind of mechanistic process of data transfer.

We’re looking at all the details with a light touch of curiosity. Being nimble and deft. There is an ambiguous trickster quality to this sign – from innocent play to outright deception. (Thievery and lies are some other mercurial associations…)

Think the Page of Swords. A youthful person. Studious, chatty, fun but who can sometimes be a bit of a know it all.

As I mentioned before, Sagittarius is more big picture.

Here we have the expansive Jupiterian force coming into play.

Jupiter is known as Guru in the Jyotish tradition of India. Guru more broadly isn’t just a physical teacher, but anything that leads us from ignorance into the light of understanding. It is literally translated as ‘the remover of darkness’.

We’re looking for the higher meaning of it all. Looking to expand our intuition and self-knowledge by becoming an adventurous seeker – both of inner and outer space.

Sagittarius uses novel experience to fuel its fire. Foreign lands, people and languages all fall into its domain.

Anything that expands our consciousness and increases our self-awareness.

It’s not just the navel-gazing yogi. Sagittarius is known for having an opinion too. And being more than happy to express that enthusiastically (and this could be playful and comic, or a forest fire of self-righteousness)

But too much philosophising and we don’t see the trees for the forest. Carried away on exaggerated self-importance.

It’s interesting to me that both signs also contain an inherent duality. The Twins and the Centaur (half man, half horse). And both signs teach different ways to bring disparate concepts and ideas together.

And when we do bring it all together we gain a thorough education, marrying the intellect to the intuition and unlocking the creative mind. Respecting the facts, the stories and the Big Questions.

It’s the power of language as both symbolic and functional.

It’s semantics and logic.

It’s the written and spoken word as aspects of divine play.

A zen koan asked by a trickster guru that trips you into enlightenment.

We just have to make sure we’re not full of hot air.

Like I mentioned in the introductory post, I feel like these two styles can also represent two different approaches to divination systems such as tarot and astrology.

One approach where we want details. The whens and wheres and hows of events. And we learn the meanings by the book.

The other is intuitive and concerned with purpose. Why is this happening? What can be learned here? What’s the point of it all?

Byron Katie: Truth Seeker

Byron Katie is basically the grandmother of self help and has been described as a living master.

She’s all about getting to the truth of the matter so we can free ourselves from the prison of our perceptions.

Since the 1980s she’s been teaching a system called The Work. It involves Four Questions that are applied to a belief or emotion. The process helps you identify and release judgments and ultimately leads you towards healing through reframing your thoughts.

She has Sun, Mercury and Venus conjunct in Sagittarius as well as Saturn and Uranus in Gemini..

These are the four questions:

Is it true?

Can I absolutely know that it’s true?

What happens, how do I react when I have that thought?

Who would I be without that thought?

If you’d like some deeper instructions on how this is applied – here’s a PDF from her website.

Otherwise check her out in action in the videos below.

“He Owes Me”:

“Are you open enough to question your assumptions and beliefs?”


Noam Chomsky tells it like it is

Keeping with the dualistic theme, let’s have two examples 🙂

Noam Chomsky PhD is a rock-star political commentator, although his doctorate was in linguistics – specifically language acquisition.

He’s not exactly known for being shy when it comes to offering an opinion on all sorts of international policies. Environmental issues. Israel. Obama. Anything really, if asked.

Scathing, forthright and blunt are all words that have been used to describe him.

(Calling atheists Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens “religious fanatics” is probably one of my personal favourite examples.)

But he’s not just somebody sitting there telling people what he thinks. He deals with the evidence too – holding to controversial opinions for exactly that reason. He’s been called an apologist towards Islamic terrorism, communism and the Khmer Rouge genocide because of this.

He also happens to have been born with Sun and Mercury conjoining his Sagittarius ascendant. Oh, and Saturn’s there, too, in the first house, keeping it real.

Check him out…

Noam compares the potential Trump future to fascist Germany:

Noam questioning the rationale regarding a nuclear agreement reached between the US and Iran. Describing the US as the world biggest terrorists, and so on ^_^.

Thought Experiments

The Lovers and Temperance are the cards for Gemini and Sagittarius. Both of them illustrating the idea of duality in their own ways and definitely worth looking at in relation to what’s been mentioned today.

But let’s mix it up and look at some of the Minor Arcana cards that are related to these signs.

The 8,9 and 10 of Swords are all Gemini’s cards. And the 8, 9 and 10 of Wands relate to Sagittarius.

Once we start getting up to those later cards with the Swords and Wands, there are increasing challenges.

With the Swords we experience the anxieties that come with over-analysis.

With the Wands we can be in danger of overwhelm and pay the price of being too competitive and enthusiastic.

The gifts of Gemini and Sagittarius might be exactly what we need to solve the dilemmas that these cards suggest to us.

For example, how could a broad-minded Sagittarian approach solve the dilemma of the 9 of Swords?

What advice would the Lovers have for someone suffering a 9 of Wands type of situation?


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