Leo and Aquarius

Leo and Aquarius

Welcome. This is part of a series of articles on the Zodiac, written with tarot readers in mind. (I’ve also created a handy reference chart here to show the associations between the zodiac signs and the Major Arcana, which you can get here.)

In this article we’re exploring the astrological pairing of Leo and Aquarius…

We’ve covered so much territory already and now that we’re reaching our final few pairs of signs, it’s going to get into some slightly abstract territory.

(Can’t say that makes me too uncomfortable though. How about you? :))

Let’s push on…

Leo and Aquarius

Leo and Aquarius

Today we touch on the last of our three fire signs. Sun-ruled Leo.

Each of us has the Sun somewhere in our birth charts and for so many it’s the only sign that they know, and yet it doesn’t seem very widely understood what the hell we’re actually talking about when we talk about a “sun sign”.

I’ve covered the astrological Sun in depth in an article which you can read here, but in brief the Sun represents the pure creative principle.

The originating point of consciousness.

It’s the central point of the lotus flower, which radiates outwards and encompasses reality. The lion within all of our hearts, as well as the archetype of the Inner Child.

Our own sun sign shows us the style that this force will seek to be expressed in our lives.

The individual emanation.

The Leonine style is a concentration of this solar force and is available to everyone in some way. Children in general, artistic expression and leadership fall under it’s umbrella. It’s playfulness, the story teller and the King.

Aries would be the rush of fire from the base of the spine. Awakening Kundalini energy forcing its way up and out. Sagittarius an opening crown chakra, expanding the sense of self through the cosmos and circulating intuition through the body.

Leo is the open Heart. Timeless, generous and joyous.

This kind of power when it’s fully unleashed can be impressive. Raw and primal.

But it needs tempering. Consider the Strength card in tarot. The wild animal brought to a state of calm, confident power by a graceful hand.

Leo can be too much fire and confidence and enthusiasm.

Exuberance becomes arrogance. Confidence distorts into vain self-obsession.

Having a powerful sense of self is critical, but respecting the divine nature of everyone else is equally important.

So here we reach Aquarius.

The sign of social connection and the tribe. It’s double ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Which is a strange combination – we have the force of commitment, rules and limitations coupled with a complete disregard for them.

The rationalist and the inventor.

There’s a hugely visionary quality to this style. Maybe even the part of our consciousness that is from the future. Bringing new technologies and a utopian idealism.

Uranus reaching out beyond time to capture new ideas. Saturn grounding them in the present.

Aquarius is the concept of Humanity. It’s collective needs and weirdness and ingenuity.

It’s the socially aware fringe-dwelling radical. The activist and the misfit.

It can be selfless, but sometimes to a fault. Neglecting our own divinity and rejecting the ego as a kind of stubborn protest against individualism.

When we are too far on this end of the scale, we can struggle to feel like we belong anywhere. Misunderstood. As if we were born into the wrong generation (either too early or too late). Radicality or advancement for its own sake. Idealism without (self) compassion.

A real danger of the Leo-Aquarius axis is a state of arrested development. A Peter Pan who refuses to fit in.

Brought together we can reach a wondrous state of authentic compassion and manifest our visions artistically.

Experiencing the joy of the inner child, the divinity in ourselves and all of humanity. Globally minded and heart centered.

Eddie Izzard: Force Majeure

There are many avenues that you may know Eddie Izzard. Whether as an actor, ingenious comedian or social activist.

He self-identifies as a “straight transvestite or male lesbian” and is known for being frocked up on stage or at least rocking a pair of killer high heels.

Having made a career on stage and film (over 30 credits alone from there), you might guess he had a Leo streak in him. But he just happens to have Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn all in Aquarius.

On the humanitarian front he recently raised over a million pounds for charity by running 27 marathons in 27 days. He’s vocal about his political opinions and has announced his intention to run for office (as Mayor of London) within the next 5 years.

Here’s an old clip of him on stage describing “looking cool”:

Make it Real

Here’s a tarot spread that taps into Leonine and Aquarian themes of compassion 🙂


  1. How can I cultivate more compassion for myself at this time?
  2. Why should I do this?
  3. How can I cultivate more compassion for others?
  4. Why should I do this?
  5. What do I need to do be more “heart centered”?.
  6. Why should I do this?
  7. A loving message from your future self.

There we go. I love this axis. There are so many great teachings in astrology and I find the Leo-Aquarius polarity to just make me feel us feel as though we have permission to be a bit ‘out there’.

Maybe not quite Eddie Izzard out there, but our own blends :).

Up next.. the final pair!…



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